The Granada Theater

The ninth installment of my historical Santa Barbara blog series, is on a major landmark of Santa Barbara, the Granada theater.


The Granada Theater is a theater located in the heart of down town Santa Barbara California, and is one of, if not the tallest building in Santa Barbara, and can be seen from miles away. Our story begins in the, heyday of flappers and bootleggers, the mid 1920’s. it was opened on April 9, 1924, with beautiful wide staircases, lovely Spanish fixtures and Moorish arches it also has The Wurlitzer organ and enormous chandelier,which brought a lot of attention to the theater, and as did the elegant upstairs lounges. While the audience was charmed by the love seats in the loge section of the balcony, the performers were delighted to inhabit the relative luxury of fourteen dressing rooms on five levels.

The Granada theater was designed by A.B. Rosenthal and constructed by Charles Urton. Fun fact Charles Urton had never attempted a steel high-rise before, so he got a series of “how-to” books to assist him in completing the project, and  After the earthquake of 1925 did pretty much no damage to the structure, Urton proudly hung a banner from the top floor of the building proclaiming: “Built by Charles M. Urton, Builder.” And in 2008 they began a restoration on this historical building, To preserve The Granada Theater’s historic feel, fixtures of that period were hung and other decorative elements were added throughout the theater such as the lobby and lounges, bringing renewed beauty and splendor to the space.

In addition to offering premieres and sneak peeks of well known old films such as Gone With the Wind.  The Granada has hosted to the 20th century’s greatest artists and entertainers such as  Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Henry Fonda, Sir John Gielgud, Ethel Barrymore, Al Jolson, Will Rogers, Helen Hayes, Jon Vickers and Martha Graham.

the address is 1214 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, you should go out and see this historic place in Santa Barbara, thanks for reading

see you out there 😉


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