The Presidio of Santa Barbara

This  weeks installment of historical Santa Barbara is a history that is similar to that of one of my previous post, and this weeks post if you didn’t know already, is the Presidio of Santa Barbara . This quick history might seem comparably similar, if you have read one of my elder post the mission of […]

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Santa Barbara

This weeks installment of the historical Santa Barbara blog series is a place i should have done at the beginning  of the series, The beautiful city of Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is located in the southern half of California ( in the United States). The history of Santa Barbara is a long, and at some […]

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Stearns Wharf

The fifth installment of my historical Santa Barbara blog series is about kind of the most known part of Santa Barbara, Stearn’s Wharf, yes this is SB Unknown, and yes this is a very known part of Santa Barbara, but do you know the history behind it? by the end of this blog post hopefully […]

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