Santa Barbara High School

My first post has to be the one historical place i’m at every day. My high school, Santa Barbara Senior High School. This high school is a land mark of Santa Barbara and one of the oldest school in USA and it sits on a 40 acre property in the heart of eastern Santa Barbara. “The home of the dons” was established in 1875, but was moved to its current location in 1924. The building was designed with some 18th century Spanish style influence and in my opinion its one of the best looking schools in the world. Santa Barbara high school also has the 2nd oldest school news paper in California, the Forge news paper was established in 1924. Santa Barbara High School is also widely known for its achievements in athletics. While many schools celebrate channel league championships, the Dons only recognizes CIF Championships. Like i said above the Santa Barbara high school building is a California state landmark, and it has been since November 2005. The high school is also very ethnically diverse with approximately 55% of the schools population has Latino roots. SBHS also home of many different programs, such as the Visual arts and Design Academy (VADA), the Computer Science Program (CSP), and my personal favorite the Multimedia Arts and Design Academy (MAD).

This high school has also been known for teaching a lot of famous people over the years such as Josh Brolin (the film actor), Sam Cunningham (the member of the college hall of fame), Randal Cunningham (The former NFL Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and All-Pro player), Charles Schwab (the investment banker), Eddie Mathews (the hall of fame 3rd basement), Tom Curren (professional surfer), Taylor Hackford (film director), and Dylan Axelrod (professional baseball player).

The Address is 700 East Anapamu Street Santa Barbara, California, 93103 United States, come and check this historical Landmark out sometime 😉 


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