The Potter Hotel

The fourth installment of my historical Santa Barbara blog series is very Unknown part of Santa Barbara, The Potter Hotel. The Potter Hotel is an unknown part of Santa Barbara because this story doesn’t end happily, I am just warning you it ends with a tragedy. The Potter Hotel was a magnificent, luxury Hotel in […]

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Santa Barbara Courthouse

The third installment of my historical Santa Barbara series is a pretty known part of Santa Barbara, the courthouse, I know the name of my blog post is SB Unknown and this is pretty well known, but do you know the history of it, by the end of this blog you will. The Santa Barbara […]

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Santa Barbara Mission


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The second installment of my historical Santa Barbara posts is one of the oldest and probably the most known landmark in Santa Barbara California, The Mission Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara Mission was founded by a Spanish Padre named  Fermín Lasuén, Butwas built by the Natives on December 4, 1786. The purpose of the mission was to convert the indigenous people (The Chumash) to Christianity. the mission sits on a 25 acre property, and has the nickname the “the Queen of missions”. The mission was designated a US National landmark on October 9 1960, and designated a National historical place on October 19 1966. But sadly on June 25th 1925 an Earthquake shook southern California, and severely damaged the missions towers. Don’t be afraid in 1927 they began to rebuild it (exactly as it was in 1820). The Mission Santa Barbara  continues to serve the Santa Barbara community as a church, and In addition to its use as a place of worship, it is also known as a museum

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Santa Barbara High School

My first post has to be the one historical place i’m at every day. My high school, Santa Barbara Senior High School. This high school is a land mark of Santa Barbara and one of the oldest school in USA and it sits on a 40 acre property in the heart of eastern Santa Barbara. “The […]

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