Santa Barbara painted caves

The thirteenth installment of my historical Santa Barbara blog series is on a well known part of Santa Barbara culture, the Santa Barbara  Chumash painted caves. Santa Barbara Chumash painted caves is a historical site just out side of the California city of Santa Barbara, The smooth and irregularly shaped shallow sandstone cave contains numerous drawings […]

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the botanic garden

the twelfth installment of my historical Santa Barbara series is a pretty well known part of Santa Barbara, The Botanic Garden. The Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens sits on a 78 acre plot of land and it has over 1,000 rare plants. The Botanic Garden was constructed in 1806 by Native Americans (mainly Canaliños) under the direction of the […]

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Santa Barbara train station

The eleventh installment of my historical Santa Barbara blog series is on a place in Santa Barbara that you may know what is, but do you know the history?, this weeks post is on (well you already probably know what it is on because of the title) The Santa Barbara Train Station. The Santa Barbara Train […]

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Santa Barbara city college

The tenth installment of my historical santa barbara blog series is on a place that I am going to over the summer, Santa Barbara city college. Lets start with the basics, shall we?  Santa Barbara city college is a national ranking community college, located on the Mesa. So now that you know the basics, let’s […]

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The Granada Theater

The ninth installment of my historical Santa Barbara blog series, is on a major landmark of Santa Barbara, the Granada theater. The Granada Theater is a theater located in the heart of down town Santa Barbara California, and is one of, if not the tallest building in Santa Barbara, and can be seen from miles […]

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The Arlington Theater

The eighth installment of my historical Santa Barbara blog series is on another pretty well known landmark of Santa Barbara, The Arlington Theater. It qualifies for SB Unknown because not many people know the history of this beautiful theater. The Arlington Theater is located in the Heart of Downtown Santa Barbara is home to vast seating […]

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The Presidio of Santa Barbara

This  weeks installment of historical Santa Barbara is a history that is similar to that of one of my previous post, and this weeks post if you didn’t know already, is the Presidio of Santa Barbara . This quick history might seem comparably similar, if you have read one of my elder post the mission of […]

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